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It wouldn’t have happened without them!

mfaawardsThe documentary was made during my Master of Fine Arts degree at The City College of New York. At the end of the course, we had a private screening at The Directors Guild of America Theater in Midtown, New York on May 30, 2014. At the award ceremony, I received 3 honorable awards as “Best documentary“,  “Excellence in Editing” and “Outstanding Documentary” with Student grants. I was so happy to receive them but I was even happier sharing those moments with my team who worked with me on this film. Filmmaking is a team work and it would not have happened without them!

Outstanding Documentary Award for “Zio Ninuccio”

Outstanding Documentary, awarded by the National Board of Review!

National Board of Review

Zio Ninuccio su “Il Venerdì di Repubblica”

A tutti i sostenitori di Zio Ninuccio, questo Venerdì 6 Giugno, comprate Repubblica con “Il Venerdì di Repubblica”. Ci sarà una sorpresa per voi.


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